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Bluetooth headset is not all Bluetooth mobile phones can use?

Yes. Only Bluetooth phones can use Bluetooth headsets. You can choose your own Bluetooth headset to use according to your actual use.

Bluetooth headset how to use ah?

Turn on the phone Bluetooth, and then press and hold the Bluetooth headset switch for 5 seconds until the red and blue lights flash into the pairing mode, then use the phone to search, search, you can connect.

Can the Fineblue Bluetooth Headphones Listen to Songs?

Fineblue Bluetooth headset supports music function, everyone can use the Fineblue Bluetooth headset to experience the fun of wireless music, completely release their hands.

Fineblue Bluetooth Headset Models

The bluetooth headset can be compatible with 99% of mobile phones and digital devices on the market, so no matter if it is Apple, Xiaomi, or other Android phones can be used with ease. At the same time, there are Bluetooth-enabled notebooks, tablet computers can use fineblue Bluetooth headset.

What functions does the Fineblue Bluetooth headset usually have?

Answer/end/reject/transfer, call waiting, redial, mute, volume adjustment, multi-point connection, listen to music play/pause, noise reduction, up and down song switching, APP camera, voice timekeeping, etc.

How to charge Bluetooth headset?

Use the earphone to be equipped with a charging cable to connect a computer or other device for charging; or you can use the charging plug (DC 5V) to charge.

How to turn off the Fineblue Bluetooth headset?

When it is turned on, press and hold the red light to turn it off.

How to Reset Fineblue Bluetooth Headset for Factory Settings?

Under the charge state, long press until the red and blue lights alternately flash 3 times to reset (or refer to manual operation).

About QQ, WeChat, QQ Music and other third-party software can not listen to voice information or intermittent problems?

The Fineblue Bluetooth headset supports the audio output function of third party software such as WeChat, QQ, and QQ music. (There are some third party software that does not handle on its own Bluetooth module, and there will be incompatibility issues. This is the third party software itself is not used for Bluetooth. Problem caused by processing).

Headphone can not boot, boot no response does not light?

1, the headset may be no electricity, you need to be fully charged, charging more than 30 minutes is still no bright spots, then it may be a battery problem.

2, chip data problems, you can try to restore the headset factory settings.

Headphones can't connect or search?

1, improper operation, the headset just turned on, did not enter the searched state, please be sure to ensure that the headset can be searched in the red and blue flashing state.

2. If the headset is in a state where the red and blue lights flash alternately, the phone still cannot be searched. You can restore the factory setting of the headset and connect it again.

Headphones can be found but not connected.

If the Bluetooth headset can be found on the phone but it cannot be connected, the Bluetooth data on the phone may be abnormal. You need to delete the previous connection record on the phone, restart the phone, and search for the connection again.

The sound is intermittent, noise?

1. Insufficient battery power to the phone or earphone to fully charge the headset.

2. If the distance between the mobile phone or the headset is too far, or there are obstacles that cause the signal to be unstable, there are signal interferences such as WIFI, reset the headset, and fully charge the headset to a place where there is no signal interference. 3, when walking, headphones should be placed on the same side of the phone pocket.

Headphone charger can not charge?

1. Replace the charging cable for charging. 2, whether the charge is lit.

Does a Bluetooth headset support connection to a computer?

1, Bluetooth-equipped computers need to load the Bluetooth system driver template.
2. Computers without Bluetooth need to use a Bluetooth adapter or download a third-party driver for use. (such as Master Lu or driving life)

Just beginning to listen to sound quality can be, how to hear worse?

It may be that the data in the mobile phone conflicts with the data in the headset, causing changes in sound quality. It is recommended to restore the headset to the factory settings, remove the pairing record of the phone, and reconnect it.
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